Most people want faster results and quicker ways to earn more money, but convincing prospective customers that you can deliver can be tricky. 

Consumers are very skeptical. They’ve seen too many “get-rich-quick” schemes over the years, so you have to work to overcome this in your marketing.

You must show them how your offer can provide the answers they’ve been looking for.

Find ways to make one or more of these three powerful promises true in your offers and your business will grow exponentially.

1 – How to Get Fast Results

When people engage with your product or service, how long will it take them to see results? What makes your solution faster than others available? Invest significant time in creating ways your offer can expedite success and communicate it clearly and believably. The faster you can help customers get results, the easier it will be for them to say “Yes!” when you make them an offer.

photo with text 3 powerful promises to attract new customers

2 – How to Make More Money

Money is a major stressor in most people’s lives. When you show how they can earn money quickly, your offer will be very attractive. Communicate clear, simple steps people can take that will generate income. If someone can see a significant return on the cost of your product or service, you won’t have to work hard to sell to them. They’ll see it as an investment in a more desirable future. 

3 – How to Save Money 

Earning income is only one way to have more money. Another key way is to save it. Does your offer reduce expenses from someone’s budget? Do they need to spend less because you have a product or service that takes care of multiple issues in their business or life? If they use what you provide, will their bills be consolidated into a lower payment? Will your solution help them quit spending money on other treatments or services? Find ways to help people save money and cast a vision for how it will improve their financial situation. When you do, your offer will get a much easier “Yes!” response.

While not every business is built to directly help someone financially, it’s possible to help people see indirect benefits. For instance, if you’re in the health industry, how much does staying healthy save someone from expensive prescriptions or medical bills? If you’re in the relationship business, how does helping people become better parents or spouses save in expensive counseling services or divorce proceedings? 

Life is expensive. Find ways to show your prospects how your solution can help them get faster results, earn more money, or save them money by reducing their expenses. When people see a vision of how this is possible when they engage with you, your business will grow and you’ll be able to help more people.

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***This post is inspired by “Motivational Marketing” by Robert Imbriale

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