People buy on emotion and justify their purchases with logic. This is a marketing concept that effective companies have been exploiting for decades in their advertising. However, many entrepreneurs overlook this when promoting their own offers to their ideal audience.

While your product or service may have many amazing features, people probably won’t care. They simply want results. When they see how you can help them achieve their goals and dreams, the sales process becomes much easier.

Implement the following 3 actions to connect best with your target market about how you can help them get the results they desire:

1 – Survey Your Market

The very people you want to help are who can give you the best answers to what they desire most. Don’t assume that you know what they want. Go to them directly and ask them. Create a brief questionnaire and incentivize them to complete it with discounts or freebies that they will enjoy. Let them tell you what you need to communicate in order to move them to buy from you.

2 – Discover Their Deep Desires

As you review your survey results, look for themes and clues about what they desire most. What goals do they have? What dreams are they hoping to achieve? Find a consistent thread throughout their answers that will point you in the right direction so you can communicate how your offer can help the way they want.

3 – Communicate How You Can Help Them Win

Once you know this information from steps one and two, it’s time to communicate in a way that helps people see how you can help them. Use the language they used in their responses. Show them how working with you can help them live out their dreams or overcome their greatest fears or challenges that are currently holding them back. Cast a vision for how their life or business can be better if they’ll take action to work with you.

Everyone has dreams and goals, even if they’re buried deep beneath the surface. Do the work upfront to discover what they are for your ideal customers and then communicate clearly how you can help them. When you do this effectively in a compelling way, they’ll jump at the chance to work with you!

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***This post is inspired by “Motivational Marketing” by Robert Imbriale

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