Love may seem to be a strange topic to bring up when it comes to business, but it’s much more important than you may think. 

When it comes to marketing, advertisers have regularly focused on three components for generations: connection, love, and sex. 

Let’s look at why this is and what you can do about it in your marketing strategy.


1 – People Feel Isolated and Long For Connection

We’re more connected today than ever before, yet also feel more isolated than ever. Social media and the internet may bring the world together digitally, but they can’t replace the human touch and deep connection. People want to connect with others beyond a computer screen.

2 – Human Beings Are Created for Relationships

We were created for relationships with others. We believe that the first and most important relationship is with God. But even God saw that it wasn’t good for man to be alone, so he created a woman to be his life partner and helpmate. This is the way we’re wired. Without relationships, life doesn’t matter as much. 

3 – Love, Connection, and Sex Make People Feel Good

People want to feel good and that primarily comes from having strong, healthy relationships. Most of what we do in life is done to foster better and deeper relationships. Because people want to spend more time with those they love on their terms, they work hard to become financially independent. Because sex is a motivator, people work out and eat healthier so they are more attractive. Because people don’t want to be isolated, they make choices to place themselves in proximity to others.

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1 – Find Ways to Foster Connections

Since people long for better and deeper relationships, find ways to position your product or service to assist them. Develop strategies to make people feel like they’re an important part of a group. Think about all the membership clubs in retail like Sam’s Club, Costco, and fitness gym memberships. Or think about online membership programs where people learn and grow in a topic area, but they also have a community to connect with in forums or on video calls. While your offer may not seem relational at first, you can find ways in your marketing to make it so. You just need to dig a little. Even HVAC companies have created memberships with titles like the “comfort club.” It’s all about helping people feel like they are a valuable part of a community.

2 – Speak to People’s Longings

As stated above, love, connection, and sex are powerful longings for all human beings. Don’t ignore those. While your product or service may not be in the “relationship” business category specifically, find ways to show people how you can help them have better relationships with loved ones or their peers. Find out where they are gathering or create the space for them to do so with like-minded people around your product or service. This will help fulfill a deep desire within them.

3 – Show How Your Offer Will Make Them Feel Good

Since people want to feel good, show them how your product or service can make it happen. How will your offer make them more attractive, energetic, healthier, wealthier, etc.? While some products and services require digging really deep to make this connection, it’s possible. Think about how car companies have used love, connection, and sex in their marketing for decades. They’re not selling the features of the vehicle in their commercials. They’re selling the feelings that people desire most. You can do the same with what you have to offer!

Our world is desperately longing for healthy connections. People want to be loved and cared for by others. They want to belong to a group of people who understand and value them. If you want to make your product or service more attractive, find ways to show them how you can help them find deeper love, connection, and intimacy.

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***This 5-part series is inspired by the book “Motivational Marketing” by Robert Imbriale.

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