Crafting irresistible offers can be challenging, especially when you’re first starting out in business. 

When you’re advertising your products and services, you often need something extra to tip people over the edge to buy from you. 

This is where the power of freebies or bonuses comes into play.

What’s amazing about this strategy is that many people will buy your primary offer because they want the freebies even more than your primary offer.

When you prepare to add bonuses to any offer, you must adhere to the following 3 imperative rules to be successful:

1 – They Must Be Valuable

Bonuses to a core offer must have a high perceived value. Think about all the extras that late-night infomercials have used over the years. Many times they give more of the same as in “buy one, get one free.” Other times, they throw in items that complement the core offer that really makes you feel like you’re getting a great deal. Whatever you promote to your audience beyond your primary offer, make sure they see it as valuable, or else it may detract from your sales goal.

2 – Make Them Exclusive

Promote bonuses that people can’t find anywhere else. These may be previous products or services that you aren’t currently offering or something brand new that you’re not advertising independently. Find ways to add complementary resources to the core offer so the value grows and makes people want the entire bundle. When you offer valuable items that people can’t find anywhere else, you are more successful in moving them to purchase from you.

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3 – Keep Delivery Simple

While adding bonuses is an effective strategy to move people to buy, make sure to keep delivery of the items simple for yourself and your team. Consider offering digital downloads that can be emailed or accessed on a website versus physical products mailed via the postal service. Or give information products that complement a service you provide rather than something that requires more physical labor. Whatever you do, focus on keeping your production costs low and your delivery process simple so you’re not overwhelmed.

Customers are always looking for great deals and value. Whether you’re offering products or services, you can tip the scales in your favor by stacking enticing freebies and bonuses on top of your primary offers to incentivize people to buy from you.

Don’t make this too complicated. Simply consider what additional resources could be valuable add-ons for your customers and then bundle them together with your core products and services. When you do, you’ll give people more reasons to buy from you, which means you can impact more lives and grow your business.

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***This 5-part series is inspired by the book “Motivational Marketing” by Robert Imbriale.

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