Entrepreneurs often start off strong but eventually hit a wall. Many businesses start out as one-person “solopreneur” endeavors. This often leads to a very lonely existence. 

Along the way, we realize we don’t know all we need to know in order to achieve the dreams or visions that got us started. We discover we need outside support, training, and accountability. 

That’s where a good coach comes in. But, not all coaches are of equal quality. 

Who you choose as your coach matters very much in determining the level of success you will achieve. 

Keep the following 7 questions in mind as you look for a coach:

1 – Are They Aligned With Your Values?

A coaching relationship is very personal, especially if you are working together one-on-one. Even in group programs, you’ll be spending much time with your coach and fellow members. You’ll want to make sure that there is a values match so you are operating from a similar mindset. When your values aren’t aligned, it becomes difficult to show up to calls and work together. It’s better to investigate this upfront so you don’t regret your decision later.

2 – Do They Have Real Experience or Only Teach Theory?

Some coaches only teach theory based on what they’ve read versus teaching from actual hard-earned experience. Anyone can read a book and tell you what someone else says to do, but that will only take you so far. When you face specific challenges, only the coach who has been battle-tested will be able to help you navigate your issues. Do your research to know that your potential coach has real-world experience.

3 – Have They Achieved What You Want to Do?

Connected to #2, your coach should be someone who has actually achieved what you specifically want to accomplish. Coaches are plentiful, but many won’t have the know-how to help in your situation. Do your research so you are confident that they have done what you’d like to do. For instance, if you are a course creator, seek a coach who has built a successful business selling courses. If you’re a coach, make sure your prospective coach has built the kind of practice you desire to build.

4 – Are They Able to Help You in Your Current Situation?

The more successful we become and the longer we’ve been doing what we do, the harder it is to remember what it was like in the early days of building a business. Coaches don’t intend to forget, but when there is much time and experience between then and now it becomes more challenging to help others in earlier stages. Make sure to find a coach who hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to face your specific needs and challenges in your current phase of building your business.

5 – Do They Have the Heart to Serve People?

While many coaches have experienced success and can tell you what to do, a smaller percentage truly care about their clients’ ultimate success. Many coaches are simply looking for new income, rather than impact. Find a coach who is genuinely excited about your goals and objectives; someone who believes that your success will be their success. Find a coach who is committed to being in your corner as long as it takes to help you achieve your goals and dreams; someone who is willing to recommend other options if their program isn’t serving you best any longer.

6 – Will They Force Their Methodology Upon You?

One issue with many coaching programs is that the coach has been successful in a particular way and thinks it’s the ONLY way to be successful. There are many paths to achieving your goals and dreams. A great coach will help you chart your own course and help you build your business the way you desire, not just the way they have done it. While there are specific frameworks and principles that can help you go farther faster, no two businesses are exactly the same. Find a coach who believes in you, your vision, and is willing to help you put together a customized action plan. If someone tells you that their way is the only way, we recommend you take a step back and do some further investigation to find a different coach.

7 – Do They Listen Well?

Great coaches are great listeners. They don’t just tell their clients what to do. They listen to understand so they can help in specific ways. If you come upon a coach who simply downloads information on you and tells you what to do rather than asking good questions to understand your specific need, we recommend that you find someone else. If not, you’ll end up being stuck, feeling frustrated, wasting much time and money, and possibly even giving up on your dream.

Finding the right coach can be a game-changer for your business development. However, make sure you do your research to find a good fit based on these seven important factors. If you can check the boxes for these factors, you’ll know you have found a coach who is committed to serving you best so you can experience success and achieve your dreams.

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