Entrepreneurs can easily fall in love with their products and services and believe that ‘everyone’ should buy from them. While that may be a nice dream, it’s just not realistic.

We live in a world with 8 BILLION people with different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. 

The marketplace is flooded with options in every industry. 

Trying to reach ‘everyone’ is a fool’s errand. 

Instead, the wise entrepreneur niches down to serve only those they are uniquely qualified to help. 

If you are struggling to understand why ‘everyone’ can’t be your ideal customer, consider the following three reasons why certain people will simply never want what you have to offer:

1 – Misaligned Values

Even if your product, program, or service can help a broad range of people, most prefer to work with someone who shares their values. 

As an entrepreneur, making sure you are attracting the right kind of people you like to work with is very important. You don’t want to hate your business because of the type of people you are attracting. 

You also don’t want to deal with customers or clients who are never satisfied. This can be draining. Make sure you are finding ways to filter and screen prospects so you can ensure they will be a good match and a joy to work with.

crowd showing that not everyone is an ideal customer

2 – ‘Everyone’ Doesn’t Need Your Offer

Regardless of how much you think everyone needs what you have to offer, it’s just not true. At least not at the moment. 

Many people may use your products or services someday, but right now they don’t have a need. That’s okay. Focus on who you can help right now so you can give your best energy and attention to them. Others will come around when they are ready. 

Just because you are ready to sell now doesn’t mean everyone is ready to buy now. Embrace this truth and you’ll sleep much better at night.

3 – Trying to Reach ‘Everyone’ Limits Your Impact

When you try to reach the entire world, you dilute your effort, energy, and resources. 

There are language barriers, financial constraints, lack of interest, lack of awareness, and many other reasons people won’t buy from you no matter how hard you try. It’s just reality. 

Focus on who you are best equipped to serve today and connect with them. Just as a magnifying glass intensifies the power of the sun on a single object, a clear focus on pursuing your ideal prospects will intensify your efforts to reach your ideal clients.  

We understand that you love what you do and have to offer. You should! However, that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to buy or work with you. That’s okay! Focus on who you can best serve and release yourself from worrying about the rest. 

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